Art Review#28 Homemade Thank You Party and Art Exhibition

Last week, I’ve been preparing for the party and art exhibition at the restaurant named ‘Bakery Terrace’.
The exhibition located at the 2nd and the 3rd floors of the restaurant. On the 1st floor, we had a cocktail party ! Haha
This art exhibition also had the same main concept as the title of the party, ‘Homemade’. 11 artists who worked on this show interpreted the meaning of homemade in their creative ideas. There are also 3 new brands of accessory shops from 4 graduated design students showed in the event.

I , as a curator,  invited my artist friends to show their performance art live at the event. We were all having a good time :D There are may people came to join us more than expected, about 100 guests. Thank You everyone! You can see more photos on the restaurant fanpage on Facebook CLICK!

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Art review#26 : Gadget Boys exhibition at BACC

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Last 2 days, I have visited Bangkok Art and Culture Centre(BACC) to see my instructor and friends’ exhibition.
It called ‘Gadget Boys’, located at the 2nd floor of the BACC. This 3-room-gallery in the big building named ‘People Gallery’ is exhibiting 4 male artists who interested in making playable artworks. They put their works in each rooms and invited audiences to interact with their works.

The exhibition holds 7 art pieces. Every pieces use different techniques, one of them use sensors and motors to be interacted but the rest are more manually interaction. I have not interacted with everyone of them technically so I can’t say what I got. But honestly, I expected more about mechanism in each pieces as the exhibition’s title.

Anyway, If you are around the place or would like to have some fun then GO SEE GADGET BOY! It will last to 28 June 14.

Take care!

Ps. I use #26 as I miss it and put #27 to the last post. So I think I should complete the numbers list better than go for 28.

Life Lesson from Interactive Art

Subtitled version video of the compilation of ‘Housey’

“Sometimes we get life lessons from art.”

This version is for fun ! :D I got this idea while editing the video, . I saw the messages so I made this version up.

Artist : Tuangkmaol Thongborisute
Title : Housey
Medium : Second-hand shoes, moters, gears and wheels
Year : 2013

Housey is the art work in the collection of ‘The Shoes’
you can find more video and info in this Youtube channel or