Art there any interactive artists out there?

In the next month, I’ll finished everything for my undergrad level and it’s going to be official in about the next 5 months after I receive the paper. 



Why time’s running so fast?

It has been 5 years now? really?… I still remember the day I was a freshman.

Talking about graduate, I think I’ll tell you what we have done for the past term ….the LAST term of study.


(if you have follow my blog, I think you have read somewhat I mention about it)

But before I’m saying anything, I have a question come up in my mind? Since in I’m the only one in the exhibition of the students whose works are about interaction art. And I’m saying about using computer and electronic appliances to make the art works interact with audiences. It seem like there is just a few artist who’s working on this field , especially in Thailand. (Actually, I think it’s none)


So… Are you there? – say hi to me :}

#3rd presentation of the last semester for being an art student.

Well, hey..

I’ve been soooo busy and has just been finished presenting the works today so I’ll have some time to take a breath before going in that time again. I’m talking about my thesis project and the upcoming exhibition, an art thesis exhibition. But before that, every students’ works have to pass the eyes of the profs.

Today is the last day of presentation for the seniors in Mixed Media department, I’m including. But also the same day of others Mixed Media students’ presentations. I snap some photo for you guys to see and embed one of the 5 artworks vdo here too. Hope you like them :}

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Next post, I’m going to talk about my works more <3

By the way, the students from my faculty has created the crowd funding campaign to raised money for our exhibition. And I’m the head student of this project ;p
So if you have sometime to read through this at and donate for us or at least spread the words, it’ll be very very very appreciated.


For the LOVE of art and humanity!!!! .. oh please….


My Thesis Process

I have been working all day and night yesterday till 7am this morning. Then I slept for 5-6 hours and back to work again tonight.


This is a story teller chair I was talking about last tome I mention about my work. But it has change the design now. I add the baby bed and put LED on it. Still not really sure how it is going to look like. Hahahahaha. Seriously, :=O I am just doing it. Just do it. !! br />25570105-195227.jpg


25570105-195300.jpgThe fisrt LED and interactive system test, about 4-5days ago.

25570105-195308.jpgThese are its properties, how I think I will install it. .