a little art students’ presentation day

whuuu~ BUSY weeks were gone now! I got my free time back . (but the busy time will bk soon, I know)

what had I been up to?  A presentation day! it was the day that student present their works ;p So I’m thinking abt showing u some photos and my works, of cause.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And this’s Thailand Paper Doll, I’ve talked about for many times. It’s still ongoing work. I want to invite more participants: kids, strangers, … huh! may be one day it’ll be online? This’s vdo shows the first participants group.

This’s an experimental project of moving sensor. The sensor was on a gate celling.

:} I just want to do smthg with sensors… so I created an installation that asks ppl to walk through. Inspirited by a walk through gate that can be seen in a place like an airport or a theater. I used gold color because I see different meanings in it. First are about wealthy, healthy, valuable, the winner, but also sometimes gold are old fashion, too much massive, tasteless like we’ve seen in many rich ppl’s house in Thai soap .

thx for reading.


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