Art Review#17: Vest and Page, Asiatopia 13

I know…  I know… that I haven’t added nay new post for weeks. It’s still very buuusssssyy right now with my project but now I am here, updating some new post. What I got here is from the lastest Asiatopia, Performance Art festival in Thailand, Asiatopia#13.

Because the flood so I had to left my house in Bangkok to Chiang Mai and that was the same time Asiatopia had changed the performance date to Chaing Mai too.

I’ve never had any favorite performance artist before. Actually, I’ve never liked any performance art.

But, since I’d watched the performance of these two artists…. I was so amazed by them. Their performance were so beautiful. :}

Anyway, I know the quality of my cellphone vdo wasn’t that good to record all their amazing performance, I’m sorry. So just watch what I got, ok?

And here’s their bios and other works.

Hey! .. I think it’s better to add a little info about Asiatopia for you….r8?

Asiatopia performance art festival founded in Bangkok in 1998, by a Thai performance artist Chumpon Apisuk and his colleagues such as Vasan Sitthiket, Paisan Plienbangchang, Surapol Panyavachira, etc… Today the festival has become one of the most important performance platform in Asia, and in the international community of performance art.

Asiatopia is the combination of the words “ASIA” and “TOPIA” .In Greek “topos” means ‘place’ therefore meaning of the word ‘Asiatopia’ conveys the attempt to create a place for asia among the stream of globalization as local people try to create and present their own identities. It is the desire of locals to have both ‘Asia’s place’ and ‘a place for asia’. It is something ideal and desired ; therefore,asiatopia can be considered a ‘Utopia’ as well.The meaning of the Greek word ‘ou topos’ means ‘no place’ and froms a new meaning of ‘ the wonderful’ virtuous, idealistic place’ because of the glorious Latin novel written by Sir Thomas More in 16th century.This story about an imaginary island called ‘UTOPIA’ refers to a state of virtue and decency and the word ‘Utopia’ has beem linked to that novel ever since.As ‘Utopia’ is an idealistic place. It does not exist in reality (ou topos/no place) ,but is still a desirable place worth searching for. The meaning od ‘Asiatopia’ can be related to both ‘topos’ and ‘ou topos’ of or for ‘Asia’. At the same time it can be considered both as a goal and a hope. Its goal is to create a place of and for Asia which is the hope for an idealistic state, reflected in the words of Asiatopia founder Chumpon Apisuk himself –“What can we do so that all the Asian artists don’t have to go to Europe to see each other?”

In November 2008, nearly 100 world reknown artists from 32 countries took turn each weeks to celebrate 10thanniversary of ASIATOPIA international performance art festival. 

Though performance practice has become a popular form among younger generation in Europe and America, and many countries in Asia with over 100 festival held world wide each year, but in Thailand government agencies and private funders focus their support in traditional art form, rather than contemporary practices. However, in order to keep the creative form going in the local art community most of the time the artists use their own money, or have to work with limited budget.

Since the founding of Asiatopia a decade ago, many Thai performance artists actively engaged in the international performance art movement, and has been traveled world wide. Asiatopia, in turn has invited more than 300 international artists to perform for the Thai public audience.

Asiatopia has been organised each year since 1998, in Bangkok and/or in Chiang Mai. In 2008 and 2009, the festival took place in the recently opened Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC). This year it will take place in the Art Centre, Chiang Mai University.

ASIATOPIA committee

Padungsak Khochasumrong Director
Nopawan Sirivejkul Manager
Paisan Plienbangchang Committee
Mongkol Plienbangchang Committee
Chakkrit Chimnok Committee
Jittima Pholsawake Committee


Chumpon Apisuk
Noi Apisuk
Vasan Sitthiket

For more information about Asiatopia :
and about Art Centre Chiang Mai University


Their are more performance arts in that festival I’ll keep uploading them and will post them here soon. :}


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