ART Review#18@ Asiatopia13 : Vasan Sitthiket ,and VESTandPAGE have read my blog ytd! OMG!?

And…Here’s one of the artist in Asiatopia#13, I have mentioned before. Vasan Sitthiket is a Thai artist. Other VDOs will be upload soon:}


Just want to share for all of you, my readers, followers (or anyone…I know you’re there even though you guys don’t make any comment :-P)

Chumpon Apisuk, the artist, has comment on my fanpage’s wall. OMG!!! see that<!?> And it’s because VestandPage have read my blog.!!!


O M G !


VESTANDPAGE …Thank YOU. I’ve never thought that you would read my blog. (>//<)  Many of us here like your works ^^.






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