My Diary – final art project of the 2nd term, 3rd year

This is my final project of this term. The vdo above is the installation view of my works, named ” My Diary”.

Concept : Instead of writing a diary and sketching a picture in a usual way. I use secondhand toys as my pen and paper. Each one of them is a page of my memories about things, people, feelings and some situations that have happened to me. And like a diary, I put a date when each one is finished. People can read my diary here but they have to use their own experience, discretion and perception to make their own interpretations. Who knows!? May be our lives will have something in common.

See more photos

watch more vdos of each works

Inspiration :

I was inspired by 2 things. The first was the secondhand toys I have found. They all have been through people’s hands. I saw that all their scratches, spots or cracks telling me their stories. Their imperfections are like the human mind in some way. And of course, all objects named “toys” have a power to make people interact with them, which is what I found in the materials to create my work. The second inspiration was the many curious statuses on Facebook these days. People know Facebook is a kind of public space, even though they’ve already set a private setting, so they made their status to be unreadable. I wandered if they want nobody to understand or keep it secret then why do they still put it on a social network. This idea inspired me about people’s thought and made me realize that sometimes I also want to tell my private life to others too.


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