I’m here! I’m in the USA!!

Finally, here I am at Standford University:} I love the place. I love its sun. I love the buildings. I love my host. !

for hours and hours that I sat on a plane.

Spent time in Korean airport

>>>And Here we arrrrrrre … SFO -!-









Then, there were 3 staffs of the program came to pick us up to the Stanford University. We all excited and u know what!? the views here were soooo beautiful.









Mike, one of the staff, led us tour around the campus. I love their architecture. I love the weather. I love the environment. !!! I just love everything here. LOLOLOLOL


Ok, I don’t have time mush to write all in this blog, bcoz I do have to do da project I wrote for the program, for me to be here.
It’s about ART, of cause . And about cultural exchange …..with has Thai national dance jewelry involve.  WooHoo!







<<<  they are REAL Rodin’s sculpture, dude!!!!!!

Here, they have the biggest Rodin museum. I will visit there of course .
























<< the first -something- of Google… LOLOL



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