Art Center Collage of Design @ Pasadena , LA

On May 21, 2012 I have been to Art Center College of Design to see how is it, as a prospective grad student :} The environment of the undergrand campus was nice but I think it’s pretty hard to get there if you don’t have a car. For the Grad studio on South campus (Fine art and Media Design) , I think it’s ok, not that good…but better that my university anyway. 😛 They have a room for each grad art student with natural light from the roof in each room. In the first term of grad student will get one normal size room, after  that you can request a bigger room or other room if you want. The galleries in the grad building , as I saw, they are very small but, their workshops have nice space, I think it’s big enough. But all of the places, everywhere, is clean :} wich is so cool as an art student who like the cleanliness I can say that it’s pretty rare to find a clean art school.( especially in Thailand. Hahahaha :D)

Like many ideas emerging from Art Center during our 80-year history, the very concept for such a school was visionary. 

Edward A. “Tink” Adams was an advertising man with a radical idea in education: to teach real-world skills to artists and designers and prepare them for leadership roles in advertising, publishing and industrial design. To achieve that, he would create a faculty of working professionals from those fields. Art Center opened in 1930 with Adams serving as its director. 

The viability of the idea he and a small group of colleagues launched was quickly proven. Even in the midst of the Great Depression, Art Center graduates quickly found employment.

Art Center became an accredited four-year college, and offered its first bachelor degrees in Industrial Design, Photography, Illustration and Advertising. We played a seminal role in the founding of the first advanced-concept design studio for the automotive industry in the 1950s.

New undergraduate departments would be added each decade: Fine Art in 1967, Film in 1973, Graphic Design in 1984, Product Design in 1991 and Environmental Design in 1992, and our newest, Entertainment Design, in 2008. Graduate degree programs were launched in Broadcast Cinema in 1975; Art in 1986; Media Design in 2000 and Industrial Design in 2004.

Why Art Center ?


“I have gained a better business sense being here. I can do what I love and make a business out of it.“ —Justine Maccario, Photography and Imaging student


Art Center has significant relationships with decision-makers and influencers in the art and design fields, and they share their expertise and resources with you—in the classroom and through internships, mentoring, fellowships, lectures and recruitment.

Each term, leading companies from around the world, including Apple, Sony, Nokia and BMW Designworks, recruit students for internships and job openings. Practicing artists serve as guest lecturers, exposing students to the business of art as well as their visual points of view.

Our Big Picture Lecture Series attracts visionary thinkers from around the world to discuss the cultural and political currents shaping art and design. And our industry partners—ranging from major automakers to film studios—sponsor classroom projects that challenge students to tackle real-world problems.



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