OTIS college of art and design, Los Angeles

After my exchange program at Stanford University, I’m now here in LA. Visting my relative and for traveling. About the exchange program and my project, I’ve mentioned earlier in this blog :p I’ll blog it soon. So much things to tell not enough time to do. :[ So for now! Let’s see all this photo from Art school I’ve visit in LA.

Otis College of Art and Design is a non-profit (501(c)3 institution founded in 1918 by General Harrison Gray Otis, the founder and publisher of the Los Angeles Times, who bequeathed his home to the city for “the advancement of the arts.” For almost eighty years, Otis remained at this downtown location. In 1997, the College moved to the Elaine and Bram Goldsmith Campus on the West side. From Spanish-Moorish mansion to seven-story cube, Otis has evolved. Designed by architect Eliot Noyes for IBM, the 115,000 square-foot  Ahmanson Hall was renovated in 1997, using the concept of an artist’s loft or a working studio rather than that of a traditional classroom. Ahmanson Hall’s open plan encourages communication among the departments, as well as between students and faculty members. – http://www.otis.edu/about/history_mission/index.html

On May22, 2012 I ‘ve visited OTIS! It has very great and nice workshops at the main campus. OTIS also has a Toy design department!! OMG! I wanna study it. Unfortunately, this department is only for BFA …but I wanna study for the next degree . Anyway, it a good choice if you wanna do some toy things, may be I will. Although, Its grad studio isn’t good. I didn’t take any photo of the studio because I went to see it on the other week and seriously… nothing there. It’s very small ..well, small is good, I agree but, the atmosphere and facilities aren’t good enough compare to other art school.


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