My art project of Stanford Thai Exchange Program /2/

[ continue from My art project of Stanford Thai Exchange Program ]

Finally, I have to do some conclusion to those results.


I only had 5 days left to do my art. So at last, I decided to express it out as one story from my view point. I designed it as a Tetris game because all the informations and inspirations are like puzzle that I had to manage, to make a ‘good enough’ final work.

Since the first day I had begun my project, I earned so many experiences, had many story to tell, got many results and inspirations from my participants. I learnt about a fear of differences in people mind, a fear of things they don’t used to, ‘playing’ can bring human together and also a cultural different feeling can be a thing that divide humans apart.

But as you’ve seen it’s not a perfect Tetris because what I’ve leant after all is that ‘ It’s OK to be different but, let open your heart to learn the others’ differences too.’

— Anyway, I think it’s not good enough anyway as a art to express the feeling and concept above. I’m still working on this project and got few ideas to do my new pieces. They will be an vdo art but, with more organized and neater.

Follow the process of giving the jewelry to people, I also interviewed some of them. I asked them why they chose this jewelry?

After I’ve finished the vdo art and looked back to all the documents I have, I found out that these interview vdo are so interesting. But I’ve not gotten any idea yet so I decided to do some kind of experiment. I deleted all the vdo pictures and left only the people’s voice and put them next to each others in the timeline, so I got one sound to listen about 8 mins+ long. Then, I gave it to people to listen and draw me something.

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And you can do it too!!! this out on Chirbit

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