ART Review#21 MOCA : Museum of Contemporary Art, Thailand

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I’ve gotten 4 free tickets for MOCA, the newest art museum of Thailand, last month. (Well, it’s not like Thailand has private contemporary art museum much… actually, I think it’s none. :p ) So it was a good opportunity to visit there. The museum doesn’t locate in the city’s center, pretty hard for first time visitors to find but, once you found you will never get lost again. Nice and professional are the first two words for this museum building. I got a very good service and welcomed, all the staffs were nice and willing to help me. Because I had to wait for my always-late friends for 1 hour, first time there and got a big heavy Macbook Pro. And the ticket-selling staff was willing to hold my last free ticket for my best friend who will arrive after I left. :}

MOCA has 6 floors, every floors are full of artworks from the collection of Mr. Boonchai, the millionaire. Seriously, I’ve never heard of any millionaires in Thailand that have collected (Fine) art work and then found a museum. This means so much to Thai art community. Thanks Mr. Boonchai!!… very very much, sir.

Anyway, artworks here are still in the field of paining sculpture and graphic arts only 1 is mixed media. ( It has vdo-monitors attach in the work that what I mean, others are kind of painting with different medias or techniques)

So if you wanna come here for mixed media such as interactive art, installation art, vdo art, etc. you should go somewhere else. But, I’ll still recommend every people who want to see ART to visit here anyway. 😀


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