Art review#22 : Asiatopia14 Performance Art Festival

Yesterday, I had a chance to visit Asiatopia once again at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. Asiatopia is a performance art festival that have been found by Mr. Chumphon Apisuk. I’ve written about it about a year ago…. and here is the link (URL)
I didn’t heard about its new event before my friend told me that she and my other friends are joining this festival as a workshop student and will perform on its last day. So I went there to see them and found out that my lecturer also join the performance art too. WOW?
Anyway, I don’t have a clip for that right now so I gonna show you other artists and this time it’s Zoncy

From the festival’s document,
” Zoncy (ซอน ซี) Phyu was born in 1987, she graduated computer science in Yangon in 2007, and study art with Daw New New Yi from 2003-2007. After graduated she joins Zero Modern and Contemporary Art, and began to perform her own art, after participate in NIPAF 09 Workshop in Japan. She is an up coming young women performance artist, with new generation ambition that Burma must be living up to be an equal nation with other nations in the world. Zoncy was invited to Asiatopia 10/2008, and has been perform in Germany, Indonesia and the Philippines.”

I think that’s may be an only useful information I got for u, guys. HAHAHA I’m not sure others will be. 😀

So here the vid.

Sorry for the vid’s quality and it was all what she did, so here some photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


By the end of the show, she show a paper to the audiences said that she doesn’t want the audience to clap their hand .
Well, I guess it’s something about her country that she doesn’t thing should be hand-clapped for. ?

and a respond vdo . LOLOLOL // sorry it’s in Thai and I’m too lazy to sub it. 😛 heeheeheee


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