Art Review#23: Asiatopia14 Performance Art Festival. Jittima.

That was what happened last year in CM. Jittima’s performance this year in Asiatopia 14 didn’t change much eaither. She had her dead fish and a projector shown a nuclear bomb picture on the wall. Well, but it didn’t all the same, She had her gold glitter and a colorful jelly-yummy things, I don’t know what they were actually.Oh! And she still got that water spitting act too… ha+.  But all the performance orders were pretty much the same. And the dead fish was still smelly as always.

From the festival’s document,
” Jittima Phosawake is a recorder of her own journey, people’s lives. She also makes TV documentary about rice culture in Maekong river basin. Jittima started to make performance art in 1995, her works mainly about community rights, and that’s make her works more objective than subjective. She is a co-founder of Maekong Community Art Project.”

I dont’ have this year work of hers but, some photos so take a look!

And also this is what we think about her performance. Hahahah. But  it’s in Thai.:-{

And I’m too lazy to make a sub. hahaha. just for fun .


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