Art Review#24: Asiatopia14. Share. Silpakorn Art students.

In last 2 posts, I have mentioned about the performance art that my friends and my instructor. This is their performance on its last date at BACC. But here was their first time group performance that followed the workshop by Monika Gunther & Ruedi Schill, performance artists from Europe. Oh! and the white girl in the middle was one of the artist in this festival but, not Monika or Ruedi.

And then they traveled to Korat province to joined this festival again by the invitation from Mr.Jumphon. They and Oh!another 2 photographers, my senior and me, went to Korat last weekend but, this time their performance were without any control of the workshop artists so we were on our own.  We stayed in the 2 small rooms and used sometimes to prepare our performance… on bed.

On the second day, it was our performance date.

Oh! there was another guy came along with us, he is my classmate who interested in sound and music. He joined this performace too.

Even that I wasn’t the one really doing the performance but I did enjoined a lot being there and did my vdo recording for them :} Joining this event made me knows much more about performance art which isn’t my thing. And also had a good friendship with these classmates, juniors, seniors and my performance art instrutor also other artists in this festival.


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