Do you remember the Artists’ Talk entry I posted? This entry is what were they talking about. But before that, let me tell you about my short journey. LOLOL

Last two weeks, I have a change to be a volunteer to installation this art exhibition at BACC just 1 night before the opening date. Then, I had been asked to go to the artists’ resident near Chinatown for picking up a table. I went there by myself with on idea where it was, only an unusable map that an artist’s assistance wrote for me. Fortunately, I got a car with a driver if I had to go there with a taxi, I wouldn’t found this place.

The place was near Chinatown but, on not a busy side of the town, a bit creepy in the night. At that time this place was quite, not very far was a night club….well, I’m a girl… a very nice and innocence little girl ;-P All along the way to the floor which they told me where the table was was dark… till I turned on the light. LOLOL . It was an old building  turns into a gallery so there were many artworks of these artists. I could feel the atmosphere of an indy gallery. …. woow~

And this is a table she want…


I got a table and went back through an usual traffic of BKK to the gallery. I helped them whatever they asked me to do till the clock told me it was 10pm. X-} and I went back home…..

The next day, on the evening it was the opening date, the opening ceremony.

Ok..I will stop talking about things you don’t actully want to konw now…and posting photos.

My favorite is those two gun sculptures. They are wind-up sculptures!!! Seriously, you can turn those wind-up keys so the guns will stand up straight and then about 5 sec, they will bow you again. (Well, I don’t know what are their concept, I just say what I saw)

And where is that table?

It was the one that was put to be a chinese dining table, you can see in some photo. :}


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