Art Project for The Society! :} Good News Project. งานข่าวดี

Hello :} Here is my new project but, it is still a pilot project, a pre-thesis. If it works I’m gonna do it for a year as my art thesis…or may be for yearssss


“Kaow-Dee” means good news . That’s what my project named and the target is Thai so …of cause all of the content is in Thai. :-p

Sorry that most of you guys here, specially who has followed my blog, not going to understand them all.

Kaow-Dee is a project that grab all the things that happen in my life your life or anyone life that has a good side or just a simple small goodness.

The difference between Kaow-Dee and other good news or positive thinking project is that I  don’t  do it only by myself or just share  links from others but, I really do going out to find news and let anyone share their stories.

As the concept: “Goodness doesn’t has to be big but, it has to be done”.

I also keep the funny news, a little news that no one cares to make it BIG ! as if you just got an Oscar. HaHa

For example,

Someone post on the fanpage that she had saved a very small bug’s life by used her finger to bring it out of her glass of water.

… YOU SEE???

how the GOOD news was that?

a bug safe…wowww


So this is the first issue it look like this…

Well, it is not LOOK like this actually but the make the stroke text missing. :=p

But you can view it on here for a better looks at Mediafire

ข่าวดี – Kaow Dee -First Issue Ever !

Thanks for visiting u all, and…

… hope some Thais are here. :}



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