I won! I won! Mixed Media Art Contest

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I won!

I won!

Hey! Hey!


I have joined a mixed media art contest last month and been through the tough week of create a model for the final round. But, all the tiredness are gone … not because that I won but it was gone after people started to tell me they like my work, actually :3 Anyway, it was fun and so excited at the event. My heart was keep dancing when I heard my name as the winner. !!! :3 And this work won’t come this far without my supportive friends and family! Thanks :} Luv u guys.

More info or to see my next artwork/project or sketch or…whatever go to my facebook page

//The contest was divided into 2 categories: Mixed Media and Graffiti. It was managed by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration for the reading campaign in Bangkok. So the contest is about the reading …as its topic “Read for LIfe”. My artwork is about reading in everyday life that unexpectedly happens or by chance like reading someone else car’s stickers. But it this work you can actually make your own sticker by using your imagination, creativity and your reading experiences. Push a button to move slots, wait for you luck, pick up words and create you own sticker! 


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