My Work – Lost into the City – an Art to Play

Side views and how it's moving

Side views and how it’s moving

And… This’s it! The photos .Gif I made, showing all side of my small art piece. It’s a library maze board game but not just an ordinary one. Once you put a ball in you will have to guest and FEEL the moving of it to find the way out. Because you are lost into the city!!

At the end of the dark tunnel, there always lights!

Well… Yeah! Once you (your ball) are back, all the city will light up and ‘Small World‘ song will be sing for you. :} I got a city’s theme inspiration from the Gotham City of Batman. I think the perspectives of City has always change while I grew up. So one of the idea of ‘Lost into the City’ is a  juxtaposition between a world I saw when I was young and another when I am now. Also the concept is still about people in this time, people in the big city, surviving, finding and losing their goal in life.


When the celebration begins ! Hahahahahaha


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