My New StudiO:)

I was thinking to update my artworks and my friends’ works. We had just passed our first presentation of the second term in our last year as undergrads. But then I realized that other people won’t understand any of my works without an explaination for sure. Because of their physical can’t really tell anything much without the vdo of interaction pf the audiences. And I don’t have any good vdo right now. So I have changed my mind to tell you guys about my new work space ! 😀

These two photos (above and under this paragraph) are my old space in my house that I had worked in for 4 years. It is not too small but, it was unsuitable to make any works that could create a lot of dust or dirty.


And these are photos of the new studio! It has big sliding window-doors to see the view of the yard and also I can bring any big stuffs into the room through these doors. I took these photos while I was doing my works so they were pretty messy photos of a room :P.




The studio is at the left in above photo. At the center you can see another building that is a house I plan to make it becoming an art school one day. But not an ordinary art school like tutoring a high- school student for sure. It has to be something more than that where create some new light to the art community in Thailand. ( What’s about Interactive Artism!? Haha)

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