My Work in Progress

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This is one of the pieces in the thesis project I am making. It called ‘the story teller’. Physically, it is a set of a rocking chair, a fan, a baby bed, a mobile and a bedtime story book.

The full Interaction result of these happens when you sit on the chair and reading a book. Well… Actually you don’t really have to read a book, you can do something else like singing too, just make some noise.

The heart of the concept of the collection is about perception of people about their usual stuffs in everyday life and the interaction they have experienced.

About the inspiration, I got from a stories that mostly happen in every ordinary family. For example, the fight ove the TV remote, the bedtime story teller time, the annoying fan that not going to make a cool wind to your direction, a messy shoes, etc.

The progress of all is now 50%, I think. Because I will have to get back to every pieces to improve the physicall. I don’t know if I will make it on time or not because it is so many things to do right now not just the thesis itself. Huh-.,-

Anyway,!! Thanks for visiting my reader. ;)) have a nice day y’all.

The rocking chair from my old garden chair



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