An Art Exhibition Need Some Help!!!

Hello, my readers.

I am here to tell you about my next big chapter of my life. I am going to graduate. Time passed so fast, now I am a senior. Mostly the university students graduate in 4 years but, here, Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts (PSG) we graduate in 5 years. Yeah!…It has been 5 years now that I’ve been studying fine art and take it seriously.

I learnt a lot from here. They didn’t just give me a lesson of art or how to be an artist but they do give me some life lessons. Well, I don’t say that this place is the most amazing art school that you have to go. But I’m saying that beside all the things you like and dislike here, they taught how to live with other people, how to work with them and understand the differences. I also understand myself much more and I saw the bad side of myself.

But no matter how many things I don’t like in this place and how many people I don’t get them, They will still be a part of my life now. And we all have to go through the big ending chapter together anyway. We are all have to go see the real huge world outside and have another journey of our own.

To make that ending chapter be a good happy ending then we used to, I asked all the classmates if we are going to make an exhibition just like all those past years, a thesis exhibition for people who actually the same group of people every years.(?) Even though I learnt that ART is just ART, but I still believe that art could help society in its way. So this year,94 art students, we are going to make some different.

(sorry that you guys have to read subtitle)

But to make it comes true, we still need the world to help(!) Our school, honestly, is not a big rich school as an art school should be. We are a fine art school in a public university which accidentally, the government really doesn’t care much. Also with those political issues have been occurring in Thailand since 4-5 years ago, we kinda stuck to the problem of funding.

If you are willing to help, please…oh please do. We also created perks to return it to you after the thesis exhibition end. You can see it and also read more details at (Click!)

You know? I truly understand that if you guys don’t want to contribute in the campaign because it is just an art students in some Asia country. Anyway, you can help us by just spread the words. Sharing this campaign or vdos or follow us on Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, WordPress… is appriciated

Thank you for every things: for reading.. for watching.. for clicking…..
Every support means a lot to us.



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