Art there any interactive artists out there?

In the next month, I’ll finished everything for my undergrad level and it’s going to be official in about the next 5 months after I receive the paper. 



Why time’s running so fast?

It has been 5 years now? really?… I still remember the day I was a freshman.

Talking about graduate, I think I’ll tell you what we have done for the past term ….the LAST term of study.


(if you have follow my blog, I think you have read somewhat I mention about it)

But before I’m saying anything, I have a question come up in my mind? Since in I’m the only one in the exhibition of the students whose works are about interaction art. And I’m saying about using computer and electronic appliances to make the art works interact with audiences. It seem like there is just a few artist who’s working on this field , especially in Thailand. (Actually, I think it’s none)


So… Are you there? – say hi to me :}


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