At Review#29 : HOF Art open now

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I know, I know, it’s very late for the post about HOF since its opening-night party. But I’ll blame on my iPhone5 and WordPress app that didn’t let me finish my post and kept shut itself down. The HOF gallery is very big and located on a very nice center-city of bangkok. But as it’s the center city of BKK so there are many traffic of cause. Anyway, you can take BTS to visit this place. HOF is also surrounded by the residency, condominiums, another one-room gallery and a small markets.

As HOF has just opened so there are many works of my friends that have been invited to show in this huge place. But as the new-gene artist, I notice that HOF only interested in any art pieces that could be sold or used traditional mediums. ….You know what I mean? For example: painting, printing, sculpture, models, etc but there are none video art, installation art or interactive art. I have a little disappointment as I am a new-gene artist create interactive art, I would like to see new huge gallery like this show more works in new-gene field aka multi-media (or Mixed Media). So I guess we have to continue rely on BACC about this.

PS. If you try to find HOF website, I’ll tell you that there is 2 website, the old HOF and the new HOF but both are not really well finished and I forget the link. Sorry.


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