Art Review #30 : Re-please Return exhibition

Last 2 days, I’ve visited my university again to do some business so I have a chance to see what’s inside our ‘palace’. There is an art exhibition called ‘Re-please Return’. With the word ‘return’, of cause, it’s some second-time-exhibition kind. I don’t know much neither about its theme nor the artists but the artworks seem interesting enough to take a look.

The Exhibition is on the second floor of the Art Centre (aka palace). The first floor is actually an art exhibition of the 2 exchange art students between Thailand and France, but somehow it seems like the same exhibition. I was confused. Anyway, on the second floor there is a big description board hanging on so you can read… which I didn’t. ( But I took a photo for you to read by yourself ! ?! Hahaaa) –Okay…. I was too lazy, but who read this kind of info board anyway?, seriously, do u?— .Lolol.

But I did some research for you guys, in case you really need a little more information.

And also some clip videos for you are down here.

The artwork that I like the most is the one in those videos which has some sound wave lines projected on the wall. In that room, there are very small photos of the artist (I guess) and the sound wave photos on the wall which I guess (again) that they are the same sound wave that was playing the sound in that room.

So… If you have a chance to go there don’t forget to come back here and tell me what do ya think. 😀


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