Art Review#31 : Thai Art Exhibition

Last time I posted about the Art which are exhibiting right now at the Art Centre in my old university, but there are also another art exhibition in the fine art school too on the same time. So I took a chance to walk in and see how was it inside.

Everything is tradition. Tradition as much as it could for an art exhibition of the fine art professors. The name also simple, “Thai Art Exhibition”. This is more than enough to describe the hole exhibition. It sets up by Thai Art department. They are a group of Thai Art profs. All the works here wouldn’t be anything much more than Thai art studies or researches or works of their own. So if you like something tradition, hand-skill and aestheticism you should come to spend sometimes here.

The “Thai Are Exhibition” will be here till 30 Aug 14. The Gallery held this exhibition is actually called PSG gallery. (we called it “hor-sin-jid-kerm” in Thai) They close on Sunday and public holiday, also open from 10am till 6pm. The next room of the gallery is the art shop which has no art equipments at all so don’t walk in to ask for some painting colors. LolOlolol They only sale art books, art categories, souvenirs, somethings like that. (Note* : But you an ask for direction to another art equipment shop of cause. It is hiding somewhere behind our magic door like it the Harry Potter, you know?)




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