Art Review #32 : Shop Design Model Exhibition


I have been back to my university again and luckily walked into an event of students in the Suan-kaew garden which I have no idea what are they studying. But the doors of the Art Centre was opening right beside that event so I walked in. I haven’t took any photos of the event happened outside the Art Centre but I guess, may be, they some kind related to each others because they were many student’s product booths outside as the exhibition inside was also about the shop design.

I don’t have any knowledge about how to make a really professional model like those design students do. All I have experienced about making a model was when I took a class of  installation art. I had to make models of my installation art for every classes to present my ideas as we don’t have that much space to make a real one. Anyway, I like these model, it was neat, nice and clean. There are many kinds of stores you such as fashion store like H&M, car store, piano store, mobile store, etc. :} The interior and exterior are very well done, but still some details like the chairs, the tables and the small objects such as the scale of those shoes and the shirts that still have to improve, in my opinion.

Hope, you are pleased by all of the photos I took. If you do have any comments or anythings to share, don’t be shy.  See you next post!


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