Art Review#33 : Art Forward Fund Award

Hey! guys, I have a very good news. I was a finalist in the big new art competition in Thailand. There are 12 finalists, only 1 winner and another 2 prizes (so they were 15 persons that have passed to the final round) . I did’t get the award, but that doesn’t matter. Because my artwork has been exhibited at the MOCA… yes, MOCA in Bangkok.

I won’t talk much about the program’s details like what will the winner get, you can find that on the internet, I’m sure. But I would like to give you some insight of the program, plus my opinion. As I have many experiences joining art competitions since I was 12 years old, I think I can say that this program was different . I stop submitted my applicant to any competitions after I changed my focus on new-gene art, aka mixed media art, because there is no such a thing really in Thailand art competitions. They often focus on traditional art like painting, sculpture, printing, etc. which have different criterions. The most important thing is Art Forward Fund give a chance to the competitors to present their works. I think, this is a thing that every art contest should have. They didn’t judge only the physical of the works but the concept and personal perspective of the artists.

After a day of meeting the judges, it was a day of the announcement. They set up a gala dinner, invited lots of famous people, created a small gallery which they brought some part of our works to the place next to the gala room and gave us a chance to present our works to whomever interested in our works. //Too bad, y work was too big …( you know, my Tv’s Story) so they played the video of my work in a small TV. // After that we have an ‘After Party’ at One  Night Only, Silom soi 4. It was fun. I stayed there till the pub closed.

I love the food. I love the massive decoration of those plates and the dinner table. I love looking at the celebs playing with my friend’s artwork. I love scrolling down my IG and saw many photos from those celebs posted about the event. I love my new friends, my competitors, they are just too nice and funny. And I can’t help loving every staffs here because somehow they are just too friendly.

Next year, they gonna create the AFFA again so if you are one of the future grad students, don’t miss this.

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About the AFFA exhibition, it will be shown till 21/09/14 at MOCA, 1st floor. You gotta buy a ticket, but it covers every exhibitions in the building. The easiest way to visit here is by a car. There is some traffic in the evening and in the early morning. (But MOCA opens at 10am anyway) There’s still time! Come visit MOCA to see the young artists’ works 😀 to see my work!!! Lololol


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