Art Review#34 : Print in ANGKOR WAT 2014


If you like to see some traditional printing works, including some paintings and mix-media sculptures with an Asain feeling and concept, you should come to this exhibition, Print in Angkor Wat 2014. The exhibition shows the artworks made by 79 artists who joined the project of visiting Cambodia to study the art culture and environmat. The project was implement in Cambodia on occasion of 40th anniversary of Graphic Arts Department, Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University.

The artworks were made as the result of the collaboration so they were just showing the ideas and whatever that the artists got from joined the project. If you look for a great masterpiece then this is not a place. But if you are looking for any kinds of inspiration and techniques for traditional art, I think this exhibition can help you some. The artworks are created with different styles by many professional artists. You can visit the gallery and may get some ideas back. !

Print in Angkor Wat 2014 is showing right now on the 3rd floor of Krung Thai Bank Gallery, Yaowaraj Rd.


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