Art Review#35 : Kra-took : Group Exhibition

On the last Friday, there was a new indy art space which just had its very first art exhibition called Yet-space.

The place is belong to Vatcharapong Tungpongphaiboon (Khong) and located at 117 Soi Jarunsanitvong 11, Jarunsanitvong Rd., Bangkokyai, Bangkok. Yet-space is just a simple old Asian style town-house which the owner turned it to be a space for artsy thing and also his working place.

On the opening reception date of the exhibition, Kra-tuk, the first and the second floor of the house were turned to be the gallery with white walls for hanging the artworks. There were 17 artists joined this exhibition. So they have a variety of their arts such as performance art, objects, conceptual art, activity art, documentary, etc. According to the concept of the exhibition, they said, …

Kra-Took (Affected)

It is something that affect to our perception directly and left us a question in our mind
to think about it and try to find the answer from our own experience and knowledge. So that is beyond our own imagination.

This group exhibition is a group of brand new artist that want to express them self about
possibility on art. That start from something that so simple in daily life. Kra-Took mind and vision open is base on contemporary art and also questioning on installation space of YET-SPACE

…(Please excuse the grammatical errors) I think the concept is pretty much simple for the group art exhibition. We can see the similar concept or theme in some other exhibitions before so I didn’t feel any excitement when I’ve learnt about the concept. Anyway, the art exhibition was curated by Attaphol Sudawannasuk who aim to make this art space and the exhibition to be as good as they could, I admire that.

So… If you would like to see some Indy art exhibition, why not visit Yet-space? Their are many artworks showing there right now till 17/10/14. Most of the artworks I saw were small objects, if you some kind of minimalism you may like it tho.

see more details at its Event Page on FB >> here


During the show time on that day, they had Performance Art shows from 7 artist ;
1. Ekkaluck Chainork
2. Athit Siritavang
3. Sareena Sattapon
4. Jarupat narkpun
5. Wilawan Wiangthong
6. Titapa Thinnaracha
7. Sutthamon worapong
I have only one  short clip of Sutthamon who was performed the last one because I was here sound assistance. Lololol.

But I also filmed this funny shoes as they are my favorite artworks from the art exhibition.


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