Art Review#36 : เหยแก (Poke)

This Art Review entry is about my art exhibition that I worked as a curator. So I gonna write about how it has happened much in here. Honestly, I know, it is far from the best art exhibition but, I can tell you that for the Indy art show, this exhibition is not a waste of time to check out. (Especially, the food of the opening night, I guarantee we got the best in catering compare to other Indy art show. Lolol)

hand-in after opening


On Sat 27th of October 2014, I, as a curator, had my first art exhibition opened. (It was the first that I was only a curator, but the second if you count the ‘Homemade Art Exhibition’ because it that exhibition I was also an artist too.)

It began as a project to grab an artist who are not my friends to create an exhibition together.
After I had searched for an artist I like to work with for 3 months and found no one available, I had a chance to chat with my senior in my art university on Facebook which I couldn’t remember what we were talking about but after all I asked her if she would like to have her own exhibition and she said YES!

We talked on a phone for a bit then designed to meet up.

She is a super friendly little woman who also a performance artist. Her name is Mean aka Derka-Derky. We walked up from the restaurant to see the space upstairs. Before she told me that she didn’t think she can handle all the space alone. I asked to see more of her works and also tried to figure out what we can do. After all, Mean told me about her friends and asked if I would like them to join the team. I saw their works from the Instagram and thought that they are all have ‘something’…so why not?!

And then, we all met, we talked, we shared and we worked together for like a month prepared to make this art exhibition. Milky, one of the artists, who is a full-time illustrator created the poster. (Also Thanks to P’Sina ,Milky’s boyfriend, I heard he was the one who actually designed it.)I designed all the rest, including the invitation cards, the art catalogs and the art exhibition sign flag.



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I have managed to invite people, set up the exhibition and the opening event. It was fun doing all the curator things. All the 3 artists who are older than me have never had any exhibition before, the 2 of 3 have joined some ,but still not theirs. Another one, Nilo, is actually a designer working for plays and a freelance fabric illustrator so she also never had any art exhibition. We also invited a film costume assistance, Ju, as our ‘guest artist’.

We don’t know if the artworks will be sold out but we all having a good time and earned a good experiences. ….We have a very FUN PARTY at its best. ❤

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**see the Fanpage of the lovely restaurant which has an art space upstairs at


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