Art Review # 37 : Robot Factory

Not much that we, Bangkokian, have an art exhibition in which artist creates some nice interactive art. “Robot Factory” is now one of the rare exhibition. The art exhibition is shown in a small-but-noticeable art gallery near Lido cinema, Siam Square, called “Art Gorilla Art Gallery”. Its opening reception was on November 6, 2014.

The artist, Jitti Jumnianwai, has created many adorable robot prints and models while O Witaya Junma has came to be a featuring artist and was the one who created the funny interaction of the show. They had prepared this exhibition together for 6 months before its show time.

The piece that everyone had to be participated in that night was O’s work. I would like to call his interactive art as a game-based art as the interaction of the art is much more like playing a game. Also, the obvious physical of the work are graphic animation and many electronic Arcade Game buttons on the console. The cool functions of it was a timer-camera on one of the robots that can captured pictures and then transferred them to the animation on the screen wall beside it. In front of that wall, there was a console with many buttons you can push that gave different results on screen. Furthermore, there were some kind of old factory electronic buttons and microphone hung around that can be interacted with also.

Robot Factory is still running until December 4.


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