Art Review#42 : Toy Story 

Last Saturday, March 7, my friend has his first one-room-solo-exhibition. He had studied with me at the Mixed Media Department, and we were the only 2 students who graduated in 2013 from the department. (If include another senior who had graduated late for a year, all the grad students were 3)

The art exhibition called ‘ Toy Story’. It was held at Speedy Grandchild – a sub gallery at the second floor of Speedy Grandma. The show is about objects in his life that captured his interests in some moments of living as he had moved to new houses for 7 times since he was young. The artworks are photography, video and sound. All of them are installed related to each others. 

I like the photo of the fan poll that he put it next ot a gallery’s fan. Kinda funny, and coincidental in a way.


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