Art Review#43 : New York Darkroom

IMG_6195Let’s say you are at Speedy Grandma.

When you first step in to the show, you find yourself in a dark mysterious room, with some red light spots shed down to a floor. Then, you realized there is something on a wall. You come closer to those red lights and found that they are flashlights, which have red plastic papers covered so you hold one of the flashlights in your hand and light up to a wall. In front of you now are photography of people, you may know some of them as they are famouse, but some not.  Many of these photos just portraits, nudes, and other various of actions. And right before you are going to have fun try to put many red flashlights as you can to shed the wall in one time, you see there are another section of the show behind a curtain.

This corner was bright (because they turn on the lights-*-).  For now, you don’t have to star at the vague photo of humans, but clear printed photography of somewhere instead. (Which is of cause nowhere else than New York as the exhibition title) You see many views of New York city in the past, some nice, some not.

After all, when you finished looking at these BW photos, you find another side of curtain and walk out. …then walk back again to play with the red flashlights. HaHahaha


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