Are You Going to the Living Room?

Hey guys! I’m going to have my first exhibition! YESSS!

It happened without expectation. Actually, I had a contract with this art space, but for a small new room it has upstairs. At my second meeting last month, one of the staffs who run this space asked me if I want to move downstairs to their official room, a bigger one. However, he also said that if I agree, I have to finish my works in about 15 days for the opening night. The condition was tough as I have finished my works for like 50%, but I said ‘yes’ anyway. Lol.

Well, when the opportunity comes, you just have to grab it.


The Exhibition named ‘Living Room’, will be held at Speedy Grandma for 3 weeks.

Living Room : At the Moment of Living, an interactive installation art exhibition, shows the old goods that hid the story behind them. They are furniture and other household goods, which has been added with new functions. The new functions are inspired from the using behaviour of human, expressed through the views of objects as if they are alive. The exhibition also has the connotation of contrary between control and being-in-control, and living and lifeless.

And so…there is only a week left before the first date of the exhibition. My body is tired, and I haven’t sleep much, but I am still happy than ever to have my first exhibition very soon.

Before I got back to work: I hope if you, my readers, are in town will go visit the place. This is the event page.
The opening night is on May 15, 2015, and their are also the close date in which there will be ‘An Artist Talk’. See ya!


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