Making a Short Film from My Art Exhibition (1)

Every time when I make a video to review my artwork, it’s going to be some kinds of recorded video of the audiences interaction with the work. The video would be a variety of video footage that had been edited to make a review video.

However, I just got my own solo-exhibition, I decided to try something new – making a short film.

There are 2 short films : I’m not That Into You, and Odd Job, which both of them created base on each artworks’ concept. The short films use the inspiration and idea of each works to produce the feeling, and detail for each of the films. It was kind of a home-made video, I guess. I’m not a professional on making a movie or things like that, but I believe it is fun to watch. I say it’s gonna take just less than 3 minutes of your time, why not ?

So this is the first one.

This short film is based on a concept of “Tiresome Fan”, an interactive art piece. The Tiresome Fan is an old fan that bored of everything in this whole world, especially humans. He is not cool to anyone.

watch the exhibition review video


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